LED wall washer

LED wall washer.
Attract attention, stand out and provide a memorable experience for your customers and guests using our IP65 4 in 1 Wall Washers in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our 47.24″ long x 2.95″ wide (1200x75mm) 4in1 24VDC RGBW LED Wall Washers have 36 high quality Epistar LEDs on board to provide ample 4 color light output that can create a range of over 4 billion color variations using 255 level grey scale control. Using Red, Green, Blue and a Cool White color output you can achieve a wide array of color settings as well as a pure 6000-6500K white output that can shine up to 100 feet.

Consuming 130 watts of 24 volt DC power each fixture requires at least 5.42 amps of 24V current to operate at full brightness. Our RGBW wall washers can be controlled with a standard remote controlled or smart phone 24VDC rated 4 channel color controller, or use with a 4 channel DMX decoder to control using a DMX lighting controller.

Each fixture has a 50,000 hour lifetime span and is CE, RoHS approved.



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