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  Customer Care Policy  
  Customer Care Policy
ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING aims to maintain a high level of customer service and regularly reviews
procedures to continually improve customer service performance. ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING
resources will be used effectively and efficiently in order to provide the highest standard of service to
all customers. ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING aims to create a positive experience to all customers and
to install confidence in the company and products thereof. In essence, do as you would be done by.

Quality Statement
Through our commitment to quality and customer service, we provide a front line service of the
highest standard to our customers. Customers who call the office will have their calls answered quickly
and enquiries will be dealt with promptly and courteously. Where an immediate answer cannot be
given, customers shall be regularly updated with the status of their enquiry until the enquiry is

Standards for Customer Care

- Responding to correspondence
ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING will answer all correspondence from customers – including, letters,

faxes and Emails – In a fast and clear manner.
Targets:               To answer all correspondence within 3 working days
                           To use our corporate signature at all times
                           To use the email auto response when out of the office stating an alternative point of
                           contact at ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING for urgent enquiries
                           To use corporate templates for letters, faxes, quotes, etc

- Answering Telephone Calls
ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING employees will answer telephone calls in a fast and professional
manner. ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING does not utilize a voicemail system, calls are answered
quickly gauge the appropriate approach to each individual customer by listening to the customers’
own approach i.e. whether to use Christian names or formal title when addressing the customer, or
whether the customer is technically-minded or not.

Targets:              To answer calls within 5 rings
                          When transferring calls, to ensure that the ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING
                          member of staff is available to accept the call and if not, to give an estimated
                          time of call back to the customer.

- Support Hours
ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING support department is available from 8.00am to 1.30pm & 3.00pm to
7.00pm, Saturday to Thursday.

Targets:             To respond to all customer support enquiries within 3 working days
                         Where an immediate answer cannot be given, to update customers
                         with the status of their enquiry until the enquiry is answered.

- Complaints Procedure
Any complaints made to ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING regarding either service or product will be
taken very seriously. ISTANBUL ELECTRICAL TRADING will aim to give the customer a satisfactory
outcome as promptly and courteously as possible.

Targets:             To respond to the customer within 3 working day of receiving any complaint
                         and to explain how the complaint will be dealt with.
                         To keep the customer appraised regularly on the status of their complaint if an
                         immediate resolution is not possible.



P.O.Box: 150076, Sharjah - U.A.E.
t. +971 6 5313148
f. +971 6 5313157

e. [email protected]
e. [email protected]
e. [email protected]
e. [email protected]